Brand Story

Self-taught American designer, Winter Frazier draws inspiration from the rich traditions of the past, the vibrant present, and the exciting possibilities of the future. By blending elements of luxury and modern-day street style, she aims to continue bridging the gap between these two worlds. With a deep passion for art, music, photography, and luxury, Winter Frazier, the founder, and creative director, has taken a visionary approach in establishing the ready-to-wear, accessories, and denim label known as Few Less™.

Founded in 2016, Few Less™ is a luxury streetwear brand that embodies fashion and lifestyle through our unique lens, perspective, and beliefs. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach to design and development, seamlessly fusing elements of luxury with cultural influences from the streets. Our focus lies in creating captivating silhouettes, vibrant color palettes, and meticulously crafted garments using a variety of high-quality fabrics. While our roots are firmly planted in America, we embrace a global viewpoint, and our mantra remains: "Home is wherever we are."